AC Milan, Real Madrid saw war glorious season 4

AC Milan lost on penalties last night in Shanghai Spanish giants Real Madrid, although the Rossoneri did not win the game but the performance on the pitch let Milan who surrounded themselves. AC Milan two games gives the impression that the season has to keep up with Milan is very different, “Gazzetta dello Sport” on the author of the AC Milan four gratifying place.

Excellent defense:

Two games to zero goals conceded, you know, but enemies Real Madrid and AC Milan, Inter Milan face. Two games bring the team coach Mihajlovic change the defensive end is obvious, AC Milan last season, reached the 50 league goals conceded, this defense is certainly not satisfactory. After 93 years there Avery born teenager younger than his players, defender Elijah Calabria off the bench only 18 years old, they are the future hope AC Milan. Mihajlovic’s defensive tactics gives the team strength, so despite two consecutive games hit enemies, but AC Milan’s goalkeeper has not been a threat.

Wisdom Miha

Each coach will leave the team he coached in his own imprint, Miha is no exception. New coach Mihajlovic team has established his authority in Milan, the AC Milan player in this summer’s warm-up match all out every game, of course, include a 1: 2 defeat to France team Lyon game. Serbia coach once said: “As long as the players are in the game according to the kick I ask, then let it race result.” In fact the current AC Milan team have a good mental state.

Powerful attack

THE NEW Baca and Adriano played 30 minutes against Inter Milan, Real Madrid played 45 minutes. In Shenzhen, the Colombian striker played twice led the fans scream, the game he is missed lore, although not able to help the team win, but also showed their own level. Also worth striker Adriano has also been reflected, he upset the defense continued oppression in the frontcourt, which should also be the head coach Michal requirements.

Rebirth Titans

As an already lonely giants, this game we have De Jong could not ask for more. Last year, the Dutch midfielder scored more goals (three goals) than ever before, but in addition to scoring, the team did not have much to contribute. But the game against Real Madrid, he played 90 minutes in the field, we can see that he is a leader, he played for the first team into the penalty, which the coach Michal is a very positive signal. Desi Leo had been criticized a lack of defense, but the game he successfully defend Real Madrid headed star C Ronaldo, indicating that since Desi Leo against Inter last season after the injury has recovered the state. In addition, the array of other 名后卫萨帕塔 Milan also has a good defensive play.

Conclusion: AC Milan this season brought in some strong players, with the injection of Thailand boss, Milan should also be operating in the transfer market. But the goal of the new season, the Rossoneri should more pragmatic, compared to ten years ago that support the Rossoneri star-studded Milan should regain seats in the war in Europe as the target. Mihajlovic team’s new coach has demonstrated his impressive coaching ability, state of the team is very good, August 24 Serie A first round they will be away to Fiorentina, whereas before, they have Audi Cup.