80 million do not buy Pogba on the right, 70% do not buy Barcelona members stand


Barcelona godfather Cruyff said Pogba to pay 80 million euros for the transfer fee is absurd, while Barcelona’s poll also showed that most members do not support the Barcelona club spent 80 million euros to introduce Pogba. If the club to respect public opinion, that the pursuit of Pogba Barcelona intensity will decrease.

Three Spanish and Catalan television station jointly do polls show that most members agree that Barcelona, ​​Barcelona not Pogbashould pay the transfer fee of 80 million euros. Polls commissioned by the two media companies TNS, a total of 5,000 members were surveyed Ming Basa. Data show that as many as 70.6% of the Barcelona members believe that Barcelona should not spend 80 million euros to introduce Pogba, 10.4% of fans chose not to answer this question, only 18.9% of the Barcelona club members should at all costs that the introduction of Borger bar.

Results of the poll proved that the decision was correct Bartomeu made during the election campaign chairman, Bartomeu made it clear that now is not the time to introduce Boge Ba, and Barca coach Enrique did not ask the club executives must introduce Pogba.

Another candidate Joan Laporta  attitude is completely different, the former chairman loudly announced that if he was elected president of the club Barcelona, ​​then he will immediately contact Boge Ba broker Layiaola the Boge Ba into the Camp Nou. Laporta, “meaning but misguided,” he did not think high-profile announcement to introduce Boge Ba, but as he lost the election campaign of the President of a defeated cause.