Mourinho declared himself Reggie leave Chelsea

Chelsea they could not integrate into the team of the Brazilian side feilipei¬†almost certain will leave the team, and according to “” reported that Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho in an interview with the Brazilian himself confirmed Tetsuei left, but Mike Mussina said that it would continue to buy Everton young Houwei Si through Si.

Felipe last summer to 1580 pounds worth joining Chelsea, but mediocre. Prior to the “Gazzetta dello Sport,” said Felipe will return to Atletico Madrid. Mourinho himself has testified Felipe will leave, he said: “Now we need to introduce a left-back, because I think we’ll sell Felipe, maybe now, maybe Wednesday, in short, I think we’ll sell off him. So, we need to enter the transfer market for a left-back, in the other position, we have no room for signings. ”

Chelsea had earlier publicly quoted £ 2000 buy Everton Stones young talent, but was rejected, this has been a criticism of Everton boss Martinez. Mourinho made this public response, he said that unless he was told not to sell the player, or you can open the Chelsea offer in the transfer market.

Mike Mussina also used a joke to laugh Martinez criticized the behavior of the Chelsea offer, he said: “It seems to change our strategy next year, we should no longer make the first offer in September 1, because the current situation in August 31 transfer market is closed. But we are in a strange world, when we think of the transfer market is opened, it is closed. So next season we are still in the September 1 and then offer it made for the first time. ”

It is reported that Chelsea will further enhance the Stones offer, Mourinho has now accepted the fact that young players inflated worth, he said: “This is the current market, if you want a player, you have to pay, of course If you do not want to pay, and no one forced you, getting the transfer market without rules or limits. The only thing that surprised me was the promulgation of financial fair policy also failed to control the transfer market, it is now the club says the operator.