Wenger: Azar also not more than C Ronaldo Messi


Arsenal will usher in this weekend’s Community Shield against Chelsea, Wenger, the ability to limit Adjara play may be the key to success and failure. Prior to last season, Mike Mussina said Azar’s performance is stronger than C Ronaldo, Wenger took the opposite view, he still can not believe Azar than Messi and C Ronaldo, Wenger also admitted that year almost signed Azar Seoul.

When asked how close to the Adjara then Arsenal, Wenger admitted that from the deal reached’re just a few million, can eventually Chelsea grabbed Adjara. Wenger said: “Azar can decide the game, top players have such qualities, they can decide the game with a special ability Azar apparently also such players..”

Wenger said: “There are 3 players can achieve a dominant position in today’s football, if you want to Adjara among them, he needs to improve his performance on the stability and continuity he and C Lo. contrast, depending on how you compare, I think the data is forced to consider the factors that I have to say, like Messi, a player C Lo now still scored 50 goals each season, which is very outstanding. “Obviously, Wenger believes Azar from the C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi still a distance.

Wenger also spoke about the special summer from Chelsea Cech dug, he said: “Cech is possible to improve the strength of the defense, he can make the defense better organization linked to the crucial match, his experience can give. the team calm, I believe Cech is still a top goalkeeper, and taking into account the experience factor, he can continue to improve. “