Harden God rocket data in the first 20 people

Today, the Houston Rockets ushered in the first two games back to back, at home against the Utah Jazz. This is the fourth season the two teams played against, but also a key playoff battle for position. Played with the injury, James – Harden play a round, he finished 8 of 19 shooting, including 2 of 6 three-pointers, free throws 9, 8, had 26 points, seven rebounds and 10 assists, eight steals and a career-most. But the Rockets are still 87-89 was reversed, fell out of the top 8 West(more nba mt coins).

The first three rounds played against the Rockets 2-1, if we can win in this field will be achieved battle advantage. This rocket is currently extremely critical, yesterday lost to the Thunder, the rocket fell into the eighth, the ninth-leading Jazz only 0.5 wins.

As the team a brother, Harden naturally not be taken lightly, Injured war on a field before the game, he also said:. “I have to play, every game the rest of the game key ‘Sir Harden is also a lingering fear, The first three rounds this season, Harden is averaging 35 points. Therefore, before Derek – Phevos also warned his teammates, Harden not easily allow the free throw line.

Jazz did, half Harden not even a free throw, but the opponent is angry, he is still 7 4 scored nine points and three assists. Half Rocket no one scored in double figures, but in addition to Harden, the team there are four people get eight points, scoring more evenly. This share Harden scored a lot of pressure.

Opening the rocket inside the twin towers high and low word Station, Sir double team the ball, forcing the opponent to the war spread to the inside, the effect is significant. Gordon – Hayward, Rodney – Hood and Shell Man – Mark only 3 of 11 shots in total. Senior put a small lineup in the rotation stage rocket shrink inside, this is the opportunity to play jazz outside potential, but the visiting team is still not to force, only to fall headlong into the pocket rocket.

Worse for the visiting team, the field mistakes again and again they gave the Rockets a lot of offense and defense conversion opportunities. Wherein Harden tribute, he sent half astonishing 5 steals, flat season record, from the history of the Rockets record of just one time, from the personal career record of just two times.

Rockets lead 15 minutes into the second half, but the drastic changes in the third quarter, the Jazz shooting touch back, the Rockets into individual combat. The half of the Festival, Harden with a fine cast to get 5 points and 4 assists, instigated Rockets Festival 16 points in 14 minutes. But opponents chasing points continues unabated, and tied in the middle of the distal, which also led to Harden the second half did not actually break one minute, for a back to back Injured war, more than 80 minutes of total playing players, almost cruel.

This is the case, Harden has not flinch. Distal 7 minutes 10 seconds broke Mark Harden, won the field the first seven steals, becoming the November 1, 1996 to the King of Clyde – since Drexler, the first single-game scoring 20 + 7 rebounds 7 + 7 + assists + steals the Rockets. 5 minutes and 31 seconds, Harden steals Trevor – Booker, to refresh his career record eight steals. The last moment, despite Harden had even sent the second pass, but his last box out a record third bomb, rocket regret losing.

Dragged his injured ankle as hard, but suffered “mileage sorrow”, Harden had Yangtianchangtan:. “The day I die, non-war crime.” www.nbamtcoin.com