Martinez proud of enhanced defensive display

Everton manager Roberto Martinez praised his side’s defending following their 1-1 draw with Tottenham.

Roberto Martinez was delighted with an enhanced defensive display from Everton in Sunday’s 1-1 Premier League draw with Tottenham.
The guests dominated the initial half at Goodison Park, but have been forced to come from behind to earn a share from the spoils, with Dele Alli cancelling out Aaron Lennon’s opener against his former club.
Everton had been much more of a threat in the second half and could have taken all 3 points, only to determine Hugo Lloris make an excellent late save from Muhamed Besic’s strike.
Martinez’s side had conceded seven ambitions in their earlier two residence league games, but the Spaniard was thrilled with the defending on show against Spurs.
“We’ve been a little bit lightweight in the way we’ve defended our box, but I feel currently was an remarkable adjust inside the way we defended. It was a really superior platform for our functionality,” he told Sky Sports.
“They had a great deal of the ball, but never genuinely discovered their important players – [Erik] Lamela, Harry Kane, they didn’t have a great deal play and I consider that is down to our defensive organisation.
“In the second half we grew into it. We changed the shape a little bit, brought in some distinct personnel and it gave us a actual lift.
“It was a terrific game of football, but using a small bit much more focus in that final pass we could’ve taken benefit of a few possibilities we had.”
Martinez revealed Everton have begun to lay the groundwork for some doable January signings, but says there is no desperation to bolster his squad.
“We’ll usually appear to benefit from the window, that’s generally our way of functioning and we’ve been doing some function beforehand identifying feasible players,” he added.
“But as you could see now, we are ready to possess a real robust second half in the season.”
The draw – a ninth of the season inside the top flight for each sides – leaves Everton 11th within the table.

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