Zhang Lu: Barcelona 1 secret weapon mouths fatal Messi could not run up the anti-


At the end of this morning’s Champions League final which Barcelona beat Juventus 3-1, successfully won the Triple Crown. Famous football commentator Zhang Lu as CCTV guest commentator on the game for the comments analyzed. Zhang guide opinion, Barcelona has a great secret weapon, it is by virtue of this move, red and blue army to Juve’s defense struggling to cope.

Opening soon, Rakitic to achieve a goal, and this goal a long pass from Lionel Messi from the right oblique initiated. This Hou Meixi often initiated plagioclase pass from the right looking left teammate, Neymar and Alva have gained a good opportunity. Zhang Lu Comments: “This route has been used at least three times: Behind playing Lichtsteiner, and create opportunities for Neymar This is a new way of thinking, the past seems to have not seen much,” details about the attack, Zhang Road, said: “Today’s attack Barcelona main fight is left, he left the players a long pass after receiving no less than the end of the ramp, but they immediately hit back road, feeling Barcelona to play for careful study of this preparation. “Zhang guide also said” Messi looked up to see go out into the left “, obviously this play is well prepared.

Barcelona performance in the second half the early part of the very active, which Zhang Lu said:. “In the second half Barca emphasized speed, it may be because Enrique for the team’s performance in the first half and the second half is not very satisfactory for Juve in the Macy’s Cut seal was not so serious, if Messi run, it is difficult to defend. “Zhang guidance think both teams check each other in the race, has been engaged in a tactical battle of wits, which is in the final of this tournament is very important a.

This move to Juve’s defense seemed at a loss, Zhang Lu said: “Allegri make Boge Ba and Marchisio transposition, do not know is to go Marchisio anti Massey, let Boge Ba to help the right of defense, in short, is hard-pressed to be the old saying called “Zhang praised Juventus overall guidance on offense:.” Juventus midfielder able to cope with too many people passing through, but also a threat of attack Gate. “

Jose: FFP makes title special


JoseThe Blues can become the first team in eight years to win the title while turning over a profit in the transfer market if they beat Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge tomorrow.

Mourinho admits Financial Fair Play has posed a challenge for Chelsea but is proud of the way the club have adapted and he paid tribute to his players’ focus.

“I want this one a lot and I think in the moment we clinch the title I will be much more happy for them (the players) than for myself,” Mourinho said.

“I see the players with hunger and responsibility to go to every game, every one. Stoke City at home, QPR, Man United and Arsenal.

“Now it’s a great feeling because it’s my club, because of the league, because of the difference in the league.

“We are not any more the rich club. We are a top club, a club that lives with the work that everyone does.”

Mourinho believes his players’ appetite was whetted by the Capital One Cup final defeat of Tottenham two months ago.

“When they have the taste of success, the big players want more,” Mourinho said.

“There are people happy with just one victory, but the big ones when they feel that taste, they want more.

“The big ones are not tired of winning. Sir Alex Ferguson, Paolo Maldini, all these big people, as players, as managers.

“It’s from day one until their last day in the game. They want to win. I hope really these people get a good taste. That’s maybe why also the Capital One Cup was important for the group.

“Win a title, enjoy Wembley, enjoy the happiness of the supporters and the group. Winning brings more.”

Rodgers praises Gerrard


Gerrard had earlier missed a penalty at Anfield, but recovered to score late on in the 2-1 victory, and Rodgers led the plaudits for his inspirational captain.

“He is someone who responds to that,” said Rodgers. “A lot of players crumble when they miss the penalty and it really affects them. But for him it inspires him to go that extra mile because he feels personally responsible for it.”

Liverpool had taken a first-half lead through Philippe Coutinho, before QPR midfielder Leroy Fer pegged them back with just under 20 minutes to go.

Gerrard then missed a penalty before scoring his late winner, and Rodgers admitted his side made hard work of their victory.

“We made it difficult, we got an excellent goal to go in front and then had other chances to make it more comfortable.

“But at 1-0 it never is against a team who are good on set-pieces, and they took advantage of our defending at the corner.

“But the players showed the spirit coming back and we got the win we deserved in the end.”

Just a few minutes before kick-off a plane flew over Anfield trailing the banner  ‘Rodgers out, Rafa in’, in reference to former Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez.

“I thought it was Rafa’s agent,” joked Rodgers, who went on to defend his position.

“Football has short memories. We sat here last year and nearly won the league.

“I will continue to do my best here and that’s all I’ll ever do.”