Star Wars OL fell to 1.3 million users

Lately, EA has in 2011 Q4 earnings report officially confirmed “Star Wars OL” user declined.
Based on official reports, inside the most recent fourth-quarter earnings report that “Star Wars OL” has dropped from 1.7 million subscribers to 130 million customers. So as to let players to return towards the game makers have decided within this year’s very first fiscal quarter (April 2012 to June) launch the ‘inheritance’ and ‘allies’ from the two games upgrade package.
In February this year, the game’s developer and publisher Riot Games announced that its network of real-time method game “Heroes Union” to the variety of 11 million active players in 1 fell swoop beyond the “World of Warcraft” (World of Warcraft), the number of overseas players to develop into by far the most massive on the net games, additionally, Riot Games also created to enter the Russian market as well as other small business choices, it is going to also bring much more large number of players for this game. That is the starting on the listing advertised “killer of Warcraft” and “Star Wars OL” is undoubtedly a failure, the current line quantity 1.3 million, only “Heroes Union” 1 SWTOR credits from