AC Milan, Real Madrid saw war glorious season 4

AC Milan lost on penalties last night in Shanghai Spanish giants Real Madrid, although the Rossoneri did not win the game but the performance on the pitch let Milan who surrounded themselves. AC Milan two games gives the impression that the season has to keep up with Milan is very different, “Gazzetta dello Sport” on the author of the AC Milan four gratifying place.

Excellent defense:

Two games to zero goals conceded, you know, but enemies Real Madrid and AC Milan, Inter Milan face. Two games bring the team coach Mihajlovic change the defensive end is obvious, AC Milan last season, reached the 50 league goals conceded, this defense is certainly not satisfactory. After 93 years there Avery born teenager younger than his players, defender Elijah Calabria off the bench only 18 years old, they are the future hope AC Milan. Mihajlovic’s defensive tactics gives the team strength, so despite two consecutive games hit enemies, but AC Milan’s goalkeeper has not been a threat.

Wisdom Miha

Each coach will leave the team he coached in his own imprint, Miha is no exception. New coach Mihajlovic team has established his authority in Milan, the AC Milan player in this summer’s warm-up match all out every game, of course, include a 1: 2 defeat to France team Lyon game. Serbia coach once said: “As long as the players are in the game according to the kick I ask, then let it race result.” In fact the current AC Milan team have a good mental state.

Powerful attack

THE NEW Baca and Adriano played 30 minutes against Inter Milan, Real Madrid played 45 minutes. In Shenzhen, the Colombian striker played twice led the fans scream, the game he is missed lore, although not able to help the team win, but also showed their own level. Also worth striker Adriano has also been reflected, he upset the defense continued oppression in the frontcourt, which should also be the head coach Michal requirements.

Rebirth Titans

As an already lonely giants, this game we have De Jong could not ask for more. Last year, the Dutch midfielder scored more goals (three goals) than ever before, but in addition to scoring, the team did not have much to contribute. But the game against Real Madrid, he played 90 minutes in the field, we can see that he is a leader, he played for the first team into the penalty, which the coach Michal is a very positive signal. Desi Leo had been criticized a lack of defense, but the game he successfully defend Real Madrid headed star C Ronaldo, indicating that since Desi Leo against Inter last season after the injury has recovered the state. In addition, the array of other 名后卫萨帕塔 Milan also has a good defensive play.

Conclusion: AC Milan this season brought in some strong players, with the injection of Thailand boss, Milan should also be operating in the transfer market. But the goal of the new season, the Rossoneri should more pragmatic, compared to ten years ago that support the Rossoneri star-studded Milan should regain seats in the war in Europe as the target. Mihajlovic team’s new coach has demonstrated his impressive coaching ability, state of the team is very good, August 24 Serie A first round they will be away to Fiorentina, whereas before, they have Audi Cup.


Exposure to join Barcelona Mito Bayern battle

In addition to Manchester United, he has cropped up in a wealthy interest for Pedro. Spanish “World Sports Daily” quoted the German “Munich Daily” news that Bayern Munich have made contact with Pedro, saber is likely to rejoin former mentor Guardiola sects. German media is strongly recommended to sign Bayern Munich Pedro: “Come a sensational signing!”

“Munich Daily” recommendation to buy Bayern Munich Pedro, to strengthen the combat capability of the team in the 2015-16 season, the newspaper highlighted, Pedro Enrique’s team in a delicate situation, he is still very new season difficult to play on the main, and Pedro’s contract breach of contract payments only 30 million euros, that is to say, even if unable to reach an agreement with Barcelona, ​​as long as Bayern paid 30 million euros, will be able to force Pedro’s contract buyout.

German media pointed out that the introduction of Pedro can be formed on the position of Robben good supplement, Dutch injuries, and increasing age. Also Pedro is versatile front court, he can substitute Franck Ribery, the French people have been suffering from injuries, even spread over Ribery may retire early news.

Earlier media reports, Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Paris Saint-Germain are chasing Pedro, where Manchester United are most interested to Pedro. British media said that Manchester United are close to winning Pedro, “it is possible to sign within 48 hours,” but the Barcelona club has said, has not yet received a formal offer for Pedro, and Bayern Munich to join, will make wear Pedro transfer complicated.

“Munich Daily” said, compared to the high-profile clubs such as Manchester United, Bayern and Pedro contacts has always been low-key, but the Bayern Munich and Manchester United executives believe they are in the same line. Barcelona has introduced Turan, half of the season, Pedro playing will become more difficult, Bayern Munich is also optimistic about this, we decided to contact with Pedro.

Bayern also favorable, Pedro has been grateful to Guardiola, adding the reason if Guardiola invited him to join, he could not find the rejection. 2007/08 season, Pedro joined Barca reserve, shortly after the youth team coach Pep Guardiola called up Barcelona B team. In 2008, Pedro officially promoted to the first team. Pedro recalled: “Guardiola a great influence on my life, he is like a man has always maintained that under his rule, the first team is always consistent – the same methods, the same ideas, the same. Way of working.”

Pedro added: “I met a deep trust in my coach, he put me elected youth team, and put me into the first team, so I’m in one of the best teams in the world, this All was not easy. I am confident Guardiola always been very supportive of me. Without his cultivation, I might long ago lost confidence, I might choose another path, it may be far away Barcelona. ”



View: Miha and Conti’re just champion

Serbian Mihajlovic new season coaching the team Serie A giants AC Milan, Italian media recently, “Gazzetta dello Sport” published an article on Milan’s new coach, the newspaper that the Rossoneri coach Mihailo Popovich with the current Italian national team coach Antonio Conte is very similar to the following, we selected a part of the share.

Mihajlovic and Conti is how similar the two coaches Compared to Conti, Milkha missing only the champion.

Two coaches were born in 1969, and the two have been in Serie A competition for nearly 10 years, and now have a great coaching team. Conti and Michalis are very similar, the most obvious difference is that Conti has won a lot of titles, although Mihajlovic at Sampdoria and Catania has a good performance, but he still lacks the championship. Here are some similarities between the court and Conti Milkha.

Team idea: Miha and then Conti as Juventus must rebuild the team. Results on the one hand is the player due to technical reasons, but also because of the player’s ideological consciousness, so the two coaches are trying to improve the player’s ideological problems. For example: the Rossoneri coach Mihajlovic asked the players in the locker room labeled encourage their slogans. Conti will do so, because he would very much like to win, the Italians believe motivate the team and the players are able to reduce the gap between the teams. In addition, the two basic ideas to the team is the team greater than the individual, the team as a whole. Conti will talk with everyone, but Mijares will have dinner with the team.

Physical training: training quality two coaches are very high, the intensity is also great, the players in training must be 100% invested, so the players will slowly accustomed to high-intensity training. In addition, they believe that high-intensity training or even 110% of the players on the pitch to help reduce injuries, and can help players better performance in the field. It is worth mentioning that all the players Miha and Conti diet very seriously, Conti had specifically requested a nutritionist, and Miha emphasizes team less fat intake.
Tactical Design: Like Conti summer of 2011 with Juventus for the first time to the United States, like Philadelphia (after the devil-style training in the United States 170 days to become the league leader Juventus), Michal also arranged a long time technical and tactical lessons to try to let the team know his football. Milkha difference is Conti and Conti often personally words and deeds, and Michal is to let the other team know his tactics of coach to teach players. But the two coaches are the same coaching philosophy, defense balance, keeping three lines from the ball before the games fast, high closing down.

Use of technology: All AC Milan training will be taken, and a dedicated staff analysis, GPS system will provide users with data in real time. The Conti has established cooperation with Mapei sports center Juve, they will help Juventus players time analysis and reporting of data four times a year.

Conclusion: The “Gazzetta dello Sport,” the author believes Mijares and Conti is similar to naturally hope can be like Mijares Conti led Juventus as AC Milan back to the top. In fact, we can think about Conti Why can succeed at Juventus? Juve also a rear door good record compared to the phone Ranieri, etc. marshal, Conti the first time control of the football on its head, using the team’s overall ability to fight. He knows how to create, nonconformist, only the state of good players have to make the team convinced. AC Milan’s performance over the years and he really does not match the identity of the European giants, led by Milan Mihajlovic in order to return to peak, it seems there is still a long way to go.

Wenger: Azar also not more than C Ronaldo Messi


Arsenal will usher in this weekend’s Community Shield against Chelsea, Wenger, the ability to limit Adjara play may be the key to success and failure. Prior to last season, Mike Mussina said Azar’s performance is stronger than C Ronaldo, Wenger took the opposite view, he still can not believe Azar than Messi and C Ronaldo, Wenger also admitted that year almost signed Azar Seoul.

When asked how close to the Adjara then Arsenal, Wenger admitted that from the deal reached’re just a few million, can eventually Chelsea grabbed Adjara. Wenger said: “Azar can decide the game, top players have such qualities, they can decide the game with a special ability Azar apparently also such players..”

Wenger said: “There are 3 players can achieve a dominant position in today’s football, if you want to Adjara among them, he needs to improve his performance on the stability and continuity he and C Lo. contrast, depending on how you compare, I think the data is forced to consider the factors that I have to say, like Messi, a player C Lo now still scored 50 goals each season, which is very outstanding. “Obviously, Wenger believes Azar from the C Ronaldo and Lionel Messi still a distance.

Wenger also spoke about the special summer from Chelsea Cech dug, he said: “Cech is possible to improve the strength of the defense, he can make the defense better organization linked to the crucial match, his experience can give. the team calm, I believe Cech is still a top goalkeeper, and taking into account the experience factor, he can continue to improve. “

Competing at a greater level in FIFA 16

In FIFA 16, there is certainly the inclusion of new and diverse paths to produce the devotees acquire each level of good results. This year, the system of EA Sports will be to make a far better player effectively. If you’re new to FIFA of EA Sports, the gaming technique makes you get in to the game. Any time you are a veteran player, you could find the most beneficial season forever. The gamers can obtain fifa 16 coins on the web now when FIFA 16 becomes live. There is the introduction of a idea of a brand new in-game trainer in FIFA 16. It truly is to provide the contextual feedback of your gamer on how you send the greater crosses. It is to score a lot more ambitions and defend together with the self-assurance.

introduction of FIFA trainer

Though you’re going to play FIFA for the quite very first time or that you are happen to be playing because the Day One. They are typically paths to develop the FIFA expertise and it truly is to overcome your resistance. As there is FIFA trainer, the aim would be to make create the player’s in game besides based upon the video gaming tutorials. Within the gameplay of FIFA 16, there is certainly the introduction of an optional graphical overlay recognized as Heads-Up-Display that makes recognize the current game situation. It truly is to introduce the varying alternatives depended on the degree of trainer. It’s involving basic and basic commands which can be to create have you around the feet to deeper hints assisting shift the tide from the match in favor in the gamer. The FIFA trainer is like obtaining an professional by the side throughout the time of play. The gamers can get fifa  coins online when FIFA 16 becomes live in the later part of September 2015.

the consideration of skill games -the fundamental level

More than the final few years, the expertise games have not only prepared it feasible to have a number of the finer aspects for the series of FIFA. They have also produced the competitors in the friend to buddy as they compete for the highest probable score. In FIFA 16, the introduction of a new standard level aimed at helping for the very first time for FIFA players. When you’ll find the seasoned FIFA devotees which can be to breeze through these new confrontations. It is to aim to figure out that FIFA 16 comes out because the most accessible iteration in the franchise. The gamers can purchase fifa 16 coins on line as soon as FIFA 16 becomes live.

the introduction of three strategies of playing in FIFA 16

When FIFA 16 publishes on 22 September, there is the providing of three diverse pre-order versions that characterize the varying bonuses that cater to diverse group of devotees of FIFA. You can find three versions via which you can take part in FIFA 16. These include FIFA 16 Super Deluxe Edition, FIFA 16 Deluxe Edition, and FIFA 16 Normal Edition. The FIFA 16 Super Deluxe Edition integrates the complete game plus. There is certainly the forty FIFA Ultimate Group Jumbo Premium Gold Packs that is certainly delivered one particular per week for forty consecutive weeks. You may obtain fifa 16 coins online to produce your very best FIFA 16 group when FIFA 16 is around the air.